Six Podcasts for Creative Business Owners

Podcasts are an AMAZING free resource for creative business owners. When I first started tapping into the world of podcasts for creative business owners, I was blown away! It is incredible how much good info is out there for free. However, sometimes after I discovered a podcast that I LOVED, I would have a hard time finding another one to transition to next. So if you’re like me and you ever find yourself in a podcast rut and are looking for a new go-to, here is a list of my favorite podcasts for virtual assistants, freelancers, and creative business owners!

Whether you’re interested in social media marketing, how to grow your business, or simply looking for encouragement and knowledge about the creative industry, these podcasts have it all. Each of the following podcasts have provided excellent insight and tips that have helped me kickstart the LAB and I am so excited to share them with you!

Six Podcasts for Creative Business Owners |

Being Boss - Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

This podcast is INCREDIBLE. Emily and Kathleen interview business “greats” such as Brene Brown, Marie Forleo and so many more. If you are looking to grow in all aspects of your business and be stretched as a person along with it, this is the podcast for you!

Check out the Being Boss Podcast:

Ellechat - Lauren Hooker

The Ellechat podcast dives into topics such as web design, how to grow your client base, and all things behind the scenes of owning your own creative business. Lauren provides helpful advice for people just starting their business pursuit as well as for seasoned business owners who are looking to continue to grow and advance their business.

Check out the Ellechat Podcast:

Rise - Rachel Hollis

I don’t know how to begin to adequately describe Rachel Hollis. She is hysterical, wise, and does not hold back. This is the perfect podcast to get you feeling motivated, amped up, and ready to put in the hours to follow your business dreams!

Check out the Rise Podcast:

P.S. She also does an INCREDIBLE podcast with her husband called Rise: Together. If you like the Rise podcast, I highly recommend checking out this one too!

Profit Planner - Haley Burkhead

If you’re thinking about starting a membership site or looking to create passive income channels in your business, you should definitely give this podcast a listen! Haley does monthly income reports where she unpacks how she made her income for the month. Her transparency within her business is so helpful for beginning business owners and her passion for what she does is contagious!

Listen to the Profit Planner podcast:

The Strategy Hour - Think Creative Collective

I’ve just started listening the Strategy Hour podcast, but I have especially LOVED their episodes about how they designed and hosted their first online summit. If you’re interested in hosting a summit of any kind, this is a resource you should definitely check out!

Listen to the Strategy Hour podcast here:

Pursuit with Purpose - Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa Griffin is inspiring, authentic, and doesn’t shy away from the real struggles and joys that come with being a business owner. Whether you’re experiencing burn out or just looking for advice from seasoned business pros, this is a great podcast with TONS to learn from!

Check out the Pursuit with Purpose podcast here:

Now, let’s hear what your favorite podcasts are! Comment below with your favorite podcasts geared towards creative entrepreneurs.

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