How to Use Quizzes for Lead Generation and Email Opt-Ins

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Raise your hand if you have ever taken an online quiz to find out what your personality type is? What about what actress would play the movie of your life or what movie character you would be? I have taken my fair share of quizzes like these, so when I found out about Interact Quizzes tailored towards lead generation for online businesses, I was thrilled!

For my first quiz topic, I decided to do a quiz based around helping people find their productivity type. Since my business is focused on helping creative business owners organize the behind the scenes processes of their business and figure out their best time management strategies, I thought this would be a good fit with my clients and my specific market. If making a quiz sounds stressful to you, have no fear. Interact comes with options to use pre-made templates and questions or if you’re feeling extra creative you can create your own from scratch! Since it was my first quiz, I decided to base mine off of a pre-made template to help me get a feel for the software as well as to see all that goes into creating an online quiz.  As I was looking through pre-made quiz options, I decided to select ones that were related to productivity. My long-term goal with the quiz is that when people take the quiz and see their results, they can be directed towards free resources tailored to help them wherever they’re at on the scale of productivity and time management. For more information on how to create a customized quiz, check out this article.

Here is what you see on the Interact dashboard when you’re creating your quiz:

After I decided on my template and topic, I started on my favorite part - the customization. One of the things I loved most about using Interact was the ability to customize the quiz to fit my brand. You can change colors, add in your logo, choose what pictures to have on different pages and more. That way when you add a quiz to your Facebook page or website, you don’t have to worry about it taking away from your aesthetic. I personally loved using a template because then I could go in and edit certain questions and change the phrasing on answers to fit my target audience. This was much less overwhelming to me than creating my own quiz from scratch.

Creating the cover page for the quiz ended up taking me the longest amount of time. It was hard for me to decide on the font, title, select the perfect picture, and figure out what I wanted the overall look and feel of the quiz to be. I wanted to create a cover for the quiz that looked fun to take while still being beneficial to anyone who took the quiz. You can see what cover I decided on in the images above!

Next, I dove into editing the questions for the quiz. As I mentioned above, the framework that came with the quiz was a huge help for this especially! All I had to do was go through all of the questions and change the phrasing or add in new questions where I saw fit. The most important thing I learned is to keep your ideal client in mind the whole time that you’re making your quiz. You want your questions to relate to and be directed at them. For the answers, I followed the same steps. I added in terminology, different programs/apps that I know my target audience uses, and identified answers that I felt that they could relate strongly to. I chose to do a variation of a personality quiz because I liked the layout of the questions, answers, and results the best. Find what works best for your business and audience and run with it!

The results were a part of the pre-made template, but I changed the names and descriptions in order to fit my business and offerings. In the future, I will link each result to a different freebie or offering based on what would work best for each person’s productivity style. There is a button for a call-to-action where you can link the results page to anything you want to provide. For me, it will be inbox organization checklists, quarterly organization guides, etc. because that’s what fits with the productivity theme.

You can check out more behind the scenes photos of my quiz creation below:

I integrated the quiz with Mailchimp. The process was super simple and very user-friendly. I segmented my lists based on each result. This will lead to different emails funnels that are specifically oriented for each opt-in.

Once I finished creating my quiz, I decided to add it to the pop-up on my website. This way everyone can see it no matter what page they are on within my website. As I start promoting the quiz, I am focusing mainly on using Pinterest. I used Canva to create pin images then created rich pins that link back to my website.

Using Pinterest to promote the quiz was super helpful. I would highly recommend creating a quality pin that links back to your website where readers can take the quiz. Facebook can also be a super helpful tool to get more results from your quiz.

Interact Quizzes are an amazing tool to use to grow your email list. It is incredible to be able to learn about your subscriber and then add them into different emails funnels that you can use to serve them best. Reflecting back on the process of creating the quiz, I think I could have spent more time customizing the quiz and promoted it across more channels to get even more results. I look forward to testing this out and seeing how much it continues to improve. The most challenging part of the whole process was sitting down to decide what questions, answers, results, freebies, topic, etc. would work best for my specific audience. There’s so many options which is why it’s fun that Interact allows you to create multiple quizzes from lots of different topics.

Overall, I would highly recommend using Interact as an email opt-in technique! It’s an easy and fun way to get to know your audience better and it sets you up to be able to serve them in a more personalized way. Make sure to take the time to pick quiz topics that fit well with your niche and an aesthetic that fits your target market well! If you’re interested in trying Interact out for yourself, you can start your plan here.

In the meantime, check out the finished result of my quiz and take it yourself to find out what your productivity style is!

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