How I Went From Unemployed to Making $4k/Month as a Virtual Assistant


Are you looking for a more flexible job that allows you to work from anywhere in the world, spend more time with your family and friends, or suits your personality better than your current work? It is entirely possible for you to pursue a full-time career in remote work! Here’s how I found my way from unemployed to making $4000/month as a virtual assistant.

I had always wanted to work within the creative industry. I had a dream of being the number two gal for a successful blogger in a big city. However after getting married and moving across the country, I quickly settled into the raw reality that I had ZERO idea of what I would do for work in the small community I had moved to. It was after a few months of being unemployed that I stumbled into the world of remote work - in my case, collecting random odd-jobs doing website-design, social media management, and eventually settling into being a virtual assistant for different creative business owners.

I remember being SO overwhelmed at first by trying to find jobs, make connections, and get my foot in the door in an industry where I knew there were opportunities, but was unsure of how to get started. With that being said, here is how I found my way from being unemployed to making $4000/month in less than 8 months.

I’ve put together a guide for you of facebook pages and websites with remote job listings and opportunities! Download it at the end of this post!

From Unemployed to $4k/Month as a Virtual Assistant |

Research if Being a VA is a Good Fit For You

Before you launch into the whirlwind of looking for jobs or fully commit to the concept of being a Virtual Assistant, take time to do some research and see if it would be a good fit for your talents and personality. Here are some ways to tell if being a Virtual Assistant is a good option for you:

  • You love to help people!

  • You are interested in the behind the scenes happenings of different businesses or are especially passionate and knowledgeable about things like social media management, copywriting, administrative tasks, etc.

  • You’re willing to wear a lot of different hats and help wherever is needed most.

  • Perhaps most importantly, you are self-motivated - your clients expect you to get your tasks done on time, but no one else is around you to make sure it happens. There can be a lot of distractions that come from being able to work on your own from any location of your choosing, so make sure you find ways to stay motivated and on top of things!

Remote work has incredible flexibility, but it can be a lonely industry if you don’t know what you are getting into. With that being said, it’s a great job to start on the side of your existing work which can help you determine if it will be a good fit while providing you some extra spending money!

From Unemployed to $4k/Month as a Virtual Assistant |

Start Learning!

As you begin to put your feelers out for job opportunities, simultaneously start digging into all of the resources online that are available to you! If you have a particular area that you’re interested in (i.e. social media management), read up on it or find podcast episodes regarding that area! You can also pre-order our VA Academy - a complete set of resources to get you off the ground and running as a virtual assistant - or become a member of our online community to be inspired, find community, and gain traction as you start your process. You can also check out the LAB on Pinterest to find boards and pins curated specifically for virtual assistants that will direct you to all of our favorite resources across the web!

Finding Clients

The question that I am most frequently asked about my work is, “How did you get started and find your first clients?” I hope my answer can help save you some time in the job hunting process! Just remember, if I was able to find jobs and opportunities while living in a town of 99, so can you! :) As I began the search for my first client, I did everything from searching on Facebook for virtual assistant jobs to scouring platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed. What ultimately proved to be the most beneficial to me was joining the right Facebook Groups and discovering companies that match you with potential clients. Once you’re able to snag your first or second client, you will be amazed at how powerful word of mouth marketing is and you will quickly gain traction towards your goal of becoming a full-time virtual assistant!

I’ve put together a guide for you of facebook pages and websites with remote job listings and opportunities! Download it at the end of this post!

Create an AWESOME Client Experience

The last step is to settle into your positions, get to know your clients, and create an awesome experience for them. Being a virtual assistant is an incredibly relational line of work because someone is trusting their business to you! Take the time to invest early on in the relationship between you and your client and it will pay off in huge dividends. Be proactive in your work, looking for ways to go above and beyond and serve your client. Don’t stop learning! Follow people on Pinterest and Instagram, etc. who INSPIRE you and TEACH you.

From Unemployed to $4k/Month as a Virtual Assistant |

I hope that this post helps shed some light on how you too can go from ground zero to making $4,000/month! Comment below with your own virtual assistant journey or what the biggest thing is that’s holding you back from pursuing work as a virtual assistant is. I would LOVE to hear about your experience starting your own business, side hustle, or transitioning into a life of remote work!

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